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What are the advantages of Air Fryer compared with traditional deep fryers?

Compared with traditional deep fryers, Air Fryer has many advantages, which are specifically reflected in the following aspects:
Easy to use and taste good:
Compared with traditional deep fryers, Air Fryer is more oil-efficient. It uses the circulation of high-temperature hot air to fry food crispy without a lot of oil. For example, when Philips AirFryer air fryer cooks French fries, the fat content of fresh French fries is only 1.5%, which is much lower than traditional deep frying.
Since the food does not absorb a lot of oil, the taste is more refreshing and non-greasy, while maintaining the original flavor of the food.
Easy to operate, save time and effort:
Traditional deep frying usually requires a lot of oil to be prepared in advance, and wait for the oil temperature to rise before frying. Air Fryer only needs to put the food in the pot, set the time and temperature, and press the switch to start cooking, which greatly simplifies the cooking process.
Easy to clean, with non-stick coating:
Air Fryer is very easy to clean, thanks to its non-stick coating. The non-stick coating can effectively prevent food residues from adhering to the bottom of the pot, reducing the difficulty of cleaning. Just wipe gently with detergent and warm water to remove the residue.
Healthier and low in fat:
Traditional fried foods often contain a lot of fat, and excessive intake will have a negative impact on health. Air Fryer can fry the surface of food crispy and keep the inside soft through the circulation of high-temperature hot air, thus achieving the taste of fried food, but without increasing the extra fat intake, which is healthier.
Rich functions and timing:
Air Fryer has a variety of functions to meet different cooking needs. In addition to frying food, it can also be grilled, baked, grilled skewers and other cooking methods. In addition, many Air Fryers also have a timing function, and users can set the cooking time according to their needs without having to stay in the kitchen for a long time.
Higher safety:
Air Fryer usually adopts a closed design, which reduces the generation of oil splashes and oil smoke and improves the safety of use. At the same time, since a large amount of oil is not required, the risk of fire is also reduced.
In summary, Air Fryer has significant advantages over traditional deep fryers in terms of fuel saving, taste, ease of operation, ease of cleaning, health and rich functions. These advantages make Air Fryer increasingly popular among consumers in modern kitchens.

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