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What should be paid attention to when cleaning and maintaining the Air Fryer?

When using the Air Fryer, cleaning and maintenance are very important to ensure its performance and service life. Here are some things to pay attention to, which are expressed and summarized as follows:
Preparation before cleaning
Make sure the power is disconnected: Before cleaning, make sure that the power of the air fryer has been disconnected and wait for it to cool down completely.
Prepare cleaning tools: Prepare the required cleaning tools, such as sponges, cleaning cloths, wet paper towels, appropriate amounts of detergent and baking soda, etc. These tools will help to remove food residues and oil stains more efficiently.
Cleaning steps
Disassembly and cleaning:
Take out the detachable parts of the air fryer, such as the frying basket and frying plate.
Soak these parts in warm water with detergent to soften the oil stains. Note that the soaking time should not be too long to avoid damaging the parts.
Comprehensive cleaning:
Use a sponge or cleaning cloth to gently scrub the frying basket and frying plate, and pay attention to moderate strength to avoid damaging the coating.
For difficult-to-remove oil stains, you can use baking soda to make a paste for scrubbing.
At the same time, wipe the inside and outside of the air fryer with a damp cloth to ensure that every corner is clean and free of oil stains.
Special parts cleaning:
During the cleaning process, pay attention to the cleaning of some special parts, such as the heating element. These parts are prone to accumulate oil stains and need to be carefully cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge.
Avoid water entering the power socket and wire part during cleaning to prevent danger.
Maintenance matters
Use oil-free air fryer cleaning tools: Since oil-free air fryer inner pot materials are not scratch-resistant, steel brushes are not suitable. It is recommended to use sponges, rags, bristle brushes and other cleaning tools.
Use detergents: Enzyme cleaners (also known as "enzyme detergents") can be used for cleaning. This is a biologically active enzyme detergent that can effectively clean daily stains without harming the skin of the hands.
Avoid long-term non-cleaning: After each use of the air fryer, it should be cleaned in time. Long-term non-cleaning is prone to dirt and bacteria.
Inspection and maintenance: Regularly check the power plug, socket, switch and other components of the air fryer to ensure that they are working properly. If there is any problem, contact professional maintenance personnel or purchase replacement accessories in time.
Do not use hard objects or metal tools to clean: this may damage the inner pot coating or other parts of the air fryer.
Do not immerse the air fryer in water: this may cause damage to the electrical parts or risk of electric shock.
Clean the fan and exhaust port regularly: to ensure the heat dissipation effect and service life of the air fryer.
Following the above cleaning and maintenance steps and precautions can ensure the performance and service life of the Air Fryer, while providing you with a healthier and more delicious cooking experience.

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